Gemstone Powers

White Quartz

White quartzHarmony / concentration

Purify everything, increase concentration and unlock potential. An all-round stone that brings out all the luck.


Fruit / success

Enhances vitality and balances the mind & body.A stone that helps to reflect your inner voice and desires in reality.

Rose Garnet

Vitality / passion

Evokes vitality, passion, and confidence to overcome all difficulties. A stone that brings positive energy.


 Love and compassion

Brings love & compassion, opportunity to meet wonderful partners, and the strength to protect true love.

Blue Topaz

▎ Hope / intelligence

Calms the mind, enhances concentration, fulfills dreams & hopes, and leads to achieving goals.

Green Quartz

▎ Healing and friendship

Brings harmony and a fulfill heart by removing anxiety from human relationships.


▎ Positive energy

Bright and powerful like the sun, this stone erases negative emotions and fills the wearer with positive vibes.


▎ Wealth and luck

Attracts wealth and business success. This stone will give you the courage and wisdom to overcome any difficulties or barriers.

Brown Quartz

▎ Peace and patience

Calms disturbed emotions and thoughts. This stone stabilizes the mind with strength and patience.

Rose Quartz

 Love / beauty

Brings beauty and fulfillment of love to life by healing the broken heart. This stone wraps you in a gentle aura of joy and happiness.